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Connecting science, policy, and people for Oklahoma’s future.

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agree that basic science research should be supported by the federal government

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For women who are pregnant to die from homicide

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saved in medical care spending if health disparities were eliminated

Death Rate per 100K

Oklahoma had the highest COVID-19 death rate in the country in 2021

Rebuilding Trust

Why This Matters

In recent years, misinformation and public distrust have led to a breakdown of communication between scientists, community members, and government leaders.

This fractured relationship has only become more evident since the COVID-19 pandemic, which has highlighted a pressing need for open, honest engagement between scientific experts, policymakers, and the public in order to promote evidence-based policy reform.

Our Vision

Mission Statement

Our goal here at OPEN is to encourage collaboration and engagement between citizens, academia and industry experts, and policymakers; to promote evidence-based policymaking, and to educate the public on STEM-based policies.

Making Connections: Networks Between Science, Policy, and People

We invite you to join us this Spring and Summer as we host a series of community-focused events that will bring together scientists, policy makers, and Oklahomans.


Join our workshop series dedicated to introducing science policy and civic engagement to STEM students and professionals.

Workshops will cover a variety of topics, including an introduction to policy, science policy career paths, community outreach, and more!


These come-and-go events are designed to build bridges between STEM professionals and members of the public.

Attendees will be able to speak directly with Oklahoma scientists and medical professionals. For families, we will have fun science games, demonstrations, and educational toys to entertain children.

We’d love to hear what issues are important to you! or Come share your thoughts on topics that are important to you!


In the spirit of opening lines of communication, OPEN is conducting interviews with public officials, community members, STEM experts, and the public.

Among our topics, we’ll talk about citizens’ concerns, the role of science in policy, and how scientists can help both their local communities and the policymakers that impact them.

Join our team

Interested in getting involved? Tell us about yourself and help us get to know you!